Scholarship Program

The Hopkin Foundation’s scholarship program provides financial aid for its students. In addition, every student is paired with a dedicated mentor to guide them through the unfamiliar college environment and assist with important tasks such as selecting a major, creating graduation plans and career development. The student and mentor communicate with each other regularly to track the student’s progress and ensure the student is on track with their academic goals.

Each student has a unique set of needs. We strive to tailor the program and the relationship between student and mentor to meet those needs. Each of our mentors is a college graduate and has a passion for helping others. Our students have seen greater success and high graduation rates largely because of the added resources their mentors provide.

Student Bios

Jean Pierre Ndikumana

“It has been my goal to obtain university degrees to brighten my future as well as to strengthen the needy and helpless.”
Joseph Kaluba

“I worked harder and harder until I managed to graduate from high school - the first one in my family to finish high school.”
Stéphane Akoki

“I look forward to making a difference in the world and blessing the lives of many others.”


If inadequate finances or a lack of confidence in your ability to navigate college life are keeping you from pursuing higher education, we invite you to apply to our scholarship program. We strongly believe that earning a college degree will open doors in your future and provide much greater opportunity for success.

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